Should you need assistance with anything, please do not hesitate to stop by the Registration Desk and ask. If there is no one available, text DEAMHELP and your question to 55678 for assistance.

Here are a few of our most frequently asked questions:

Q. Will the DE Events app work without Internet connectivity?

A. Yes, all major features of the DE Events app have been designed to work offline and during times of low or absent Internet connectivity. However, there are a few items that do require an active Internet connection to work:

  • Downloading the app and selecting the DEAM18 event
  • Syncing agenda between devices
  • Refreshing the app to reflect new/modified content
  • Accessing pages that link to external content including:
    • "Social" tabs
    • "Seattle" tabs
    • Session grading polls

Q. I've lost my badge. Do I really need one?

A. Conference attendees are required to display name badges during all DEAM18 functions. Name badges are color-coded to enhance your communication with others at DEAM18. You must have your name badge to get into all dining and social functions; your badge serves as your admission ticket. If you have misplaced your name badge, see the Registration Desk for a replacement.

Q. Can I get HRCI credit for this session?

A. We are currently undergoing the process of submitting sessions to the HR Certification Institute to receive HRCI Recertification Credit for sessions held during the 2018 Annual Meeting & Conference.

Q. Where should I park during the event?

A. Parking options include both valet and self-parking are available at The Fairmont Olympic Hotel. Please note, prices may change without notice.


Available at the Grand Motor Entrance of The Fairmont Olympic Hotel, located on University Street between 4th and 5th Avenues.

Hourly Rates:
0 min - 1hr: $15.00 USD
1-2 hrs: $23.00 USD
2-3 hrs: $27.00 USD
3-4 hrs: $33.00 USD
4-6 hrs: $37.00 USD
6-12 hrs: $45.00 USD
12-24 hrs: $55.00 USD


Available at The Olympic Garage, located at the corner of 5th Avenue and Seneca Street.

Weekday Hourly Rates:
0-1 hr: $10.00 USD
1-2 hrs: $13.00 USD
2-3 hrs: $17.00 USD
3-4 hrs: $22.00 USD
4-6 hrs: $25.00 USD
6-12 hrs: $32.00 USD
12-24 hrs: $39.00 USD

Fairmont Overnight:
$45.00 USD

Early Bird:
$15.00 USD

Roof top Early Bird:
$12.00 USD

Weekend Hourly Rates:
0-2 hrs: $6.00 USD
2-4 hrs: $11.00 USD
4-8 hrs: $16.00 USD
8-12 hrs: $26.00 USD
12-24 hrs: $39.00 USD